Important Notes Before You Apply

Commitment When you schedule a Bugscope session we're reserving time on a piece of equipment in an active research lab. Additionally, a whole team of people reserves time in their schedules to chat with you online during your live session. If you cannot join us at your scheduled time please let us know, even at the last moment, so that we can free up our staff and equipment.

Planning Ahead These days, especially during the school season, we have been booked up at least 6 weeks in advance. Please consider this when you apply; we may not be able to accept sessions on short notice.

What To Expect Once you submit your application you will receive a confirmation email. You can expect a response in several business days. If your application is accepted we will coordinate with you by email to choose a date and time for your live session.

More answers to questions about the application can be found in our F.A.Q.


Privacy Note: The personal information in this section will never be distributed and will only be used to contact you regarding your Bugscope session. The rest of your application is considered public information and will be viewable on our website. See an example

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Your Phone Number Where you will be reachable at the time of the session (classroom, computer lab, etc.) in case you have trouble logging in or communicating via the built-in chat

Your School

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e.g. 405 North Mathews, Urbana IL 61801, USA.

We use this to keep track of the geographic distribution of our sessions.


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Number of Students

Your Project

Project Title
Insects To Study
Requested Date/Time
Project Description Please explain how you will make use of Bugscope in your classroom.

If you are not a K-12 teacher, please describe what you do (e.g. Teaching a college class, training [pre-service?] teachers, giving a demo of Bugscope).

If applicable, please include what unit you're integrating Bugscope into (e.g. entomology, microscopy, etc.)


Where did you hear
about Bugscope?

Did another teacher refer you?

Did you hear about us in a talk or publication?

Found us through a web search or other website?

In order to help improve the Bugscope Project for future users, I agree to provide project feedback via the Bugscope feedback form within three (3) business days of my finished session.